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Benefits of Playing Chess

For a long time now chess has been referred by many as the game of kings. The benefits of playing this game are many. Chess exerts a lot of positive influence on its players. These benefits range from academic to cognitive skills. Below is a list of benefits of playing chess.

Improves Memory

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To be a good player in chess, you should be able to memorize all your opponent’s moves. It will enable one to predict their opponent’s next move. A player’s memory will improve not only in the game but also in other areas like education. Once your mind improves your reading skills will also improve.

Exercises the Brain

Playing chess helps exercise both sides of the brain. Both the left and right side of the brain are very active when one is playing chess. A player uses both sides to respond more quickly to the chess position questions. Other people perceive chess as a game of the brain all because of its nature and the level of creativity needed for one to be an expert.

Improves Intelligence Quotient

Chess is perceived as a brain-stretching activity which tends to also make its players smart. A study on students has proved significant rises on IQ on boys and even girls after some time of playing chess. In another study when an expert moves the knights and rooks his intelligence quotient raises.

Increases Creativity

Activating the right side of your brain assists you to be creative in many areas. Chess needs originality for one to be an expert. Originality improves as one continues to engage in the game. As originality increases creativity also rises. Also, chess helps you in developing your problem-solving skills because chess is a complicated puzzle that needs to be solved.

Helps in Planning

In chess, one has to plan for their next move early. It prevents one from making wrong decisions. Planning keeps one active. Planning during the game helps you to put into practice all that you have learned in your day to day activities. It also helps you to ensure that you avoid risky choices. Generally, chess is a game that educates. Chess teaches one a lot during a single session..…

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Advantages of Playing Poker Online

When  you are a beginner in playing poker, it is essential for any beginner to know what they are getting themselves into. This enables you to understand the benefits and risks to be faced during the whole process. It also enables you to know which platform you prefer and which one has more advantages. Many poker players use the live format at first but as time goes by most shift to the online format increases because of its many benefits.  Below are some benefits of playing poker online.

Saves You Money

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Firstly, playing online saves you a lot of expenses like fuel for driving to a casino. After a big win, there’s no need to tip the dealer as there’s none. Online poker gives you an opportunity as well to learn more about other players. The minimum buy-in is higher than that of the casino however playing online is also simply a lot of fun. The internet is a place where you can learn the basic without spending a lot of money. Enrollment in an online poker school is also possible at a very minimal fee.

Saves Time

Many casinos have limited poker tables. It makes it difficult for you to play at any given time. For online poker, the site enables you to find an empty sit right away. It allows you to avoid stressing and instead to concentrate on your game fully. It will also save you time in that you won’t have to spend hours driving to any casino. You can engage in more than one table and earn more profit.

Allows Multi-tabling

Online poker allows you to have more than one table. It enables you to get more done within a short period. Multi-tabling enables you to save a lot of time but in return make more money. More hands on the tables will enable you to make more money. More tables also allow you to increase your speed and expertise in the game. Online poker also allows you to play as many times as you want. With the availability of an Internet connection, you can play poker anywhere.

Helps in Record Keeping

a man playing poker on a tabletOnline poker keeps all records intact and can be revisited at any time. These records can help one to know how their progress is going on. You can also make useful notes about your opponents while playing. It enables you to evaluate the play of other players.

Keeping records allows you to go through your play and identify any leaks in your game. These advantages of online poker should be utilized for you to make more profits. It is also good to know the rules of online poker and avoid breaking any of them as they can lead to severe problems.