Besides the license, one of the first things to check when looking for the right online casino is how you can get paid. It is not unusual that many of those looking for a gambling site to register do not go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. Online casinos are not all the same. So if you are acquainted with one, it does not follow that you know the other.

One thing that separates an excellent online casino from the rest of the pack are its rapid payouts. All casino players would surely love to be paid fast and correctly. But this is not the case all the time. Some online casinos can delay your payment. Even your withdrawal of your own deposit may take quite long. Of course, you don’t want this to happen. To check on this, you have to go through payment methods of different gambling sites to understand fully well how fast you will be paid.

Here are some of the payment methods used in online casinos in New Zealand and other countries that you should learn about before choosing one that is most convenient for you.


Using e-wallets and cryptocurrencies can be the fastest way to get paid. You may be able to make same day withdrawal of your winnings. The fastest of which can be with within two hours. That’s surely amazing for an impatient individual to get hold of his winnings the fastest time possible. If not for advanced technology, this may not be a possibility. So it’s best to look for online casinos that are technologically updated.

Credit, Debit, and Pre-paid Cards

For those who do not yet have cryptocurrency account or an e-wallet, the next fastest way to get paid by an online casino is through the use of credit card, debit card and other pre-paid cards. They provide more security and you will be able to get paid within 2 to 6 days. Indeed, you are lucky if you can withdraw your winnings in two day.


Because of convenience, security, and speed of payment, more and more casino players are using PayPal as mode of receiving payouts. The only issue is, your pay out may not be insured. Other than that, this alternative should offer you a smooth-sailing experience.

Bank Transfers

For more enhanced security, others prefer bank transfer. It may take as fast as using your credit card as your winnings can be available for withdrawal within 3 – 7 days. What takes it a little longer? The reason is that your payment may have to go through required institutional processes.

Bank Checks

If it does not matter how fast you can withdraw your winnings, you can choose to be paid through bank checks. They are very safe as they have gone through a lot of security checks. You can expect to get paid with 7 – 21 days.